Stages of The Beard

The stages of growing a beard
This is not based on any scientific research, it´s just on my personal beard growing experiences. Fortsätt läsa

A few thoughts…

A few thoughts on wearing a beard
Why do some people believe it´s ok to spontaneously comment and even criticize me as a bearded man? I grow my beard for my own pleasure and not to please or displease others. Writing this is not me being a cry baby, I´m just interested in the fact that in the part of the world where I live, there seems to be certain attributes regarding ones looks that are more ok to heckle than others. Numerous times I have been called a Taliban; I have been asked if I´m wearing a belt of bombs under my shirt; I have been told that I was much better looking before I grew my beard, and so on. Come on, it´s facial hair, not a manifesto on my face! Fortsätt läsa

Alfon Wennerstrand

Vi på Swedish Beardsmen jobbar för att få våra Fellow Beardsmen att känna sig mer delaktiga i vad vi gör. En av dessa saker är att vi skriver reportage om er som är med i vårat ”Community”. Den första av våra Beardsmen vi tänker skriva om är Alfon Wennerstrand. Fortsätt läsa

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